The Future of Advanced Flight Training Has Arrived

Being a leader takes vigilance. At TRU Simulation™, we transform the flight simulation industry by staying ever mindful of changing and emerging technologies. Now, our legacy of innovation continues with the next evolution in flight training: the VERIS™ Virtual Reality (VR) flight simulator.

Designed to meet the highest-level FAA and EASA FTD qualifications, the Veris™ VR flight simulator delivers comparable performance with a lower price point than a traditional FTD. With the same standard features of a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) such as motion, controls, and high-fidelity flight/systems modeling, the Veris™ simulator creates a more immersive visual environment by combining those capabilities with a physical cockpit structure and components that together provide pilots an authentic feel and seamless flying experience.

A Full Spectrum of Savings

Elevated training sessions are only one benefit of the Veris™ VR flight simulator. The device also creates significant savings absent from more traditional simulator models.

  • Thoughtful cost-saving strategies result in a significantly less expensive simulator without sacrificing the quality of training.
  • As a clean-sheet design with efficiency in mind, the manufacturing process is streamlined, facilitating less lead time from purchase to training-ready.
  • At a small footprint of 7.3 feet x 6.85 feet x 7.25 feet (2.3 meters x 2.1 meters x 2.2 meters), the device is much more compact. It can be placed into almost any existing facility with little to no building modifications required.

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