Raise Your Standards & Lower Your Costs

TRU Simulation™'s line of full flight simulators offer advanced, high-fidelity training at the lowest life cycle cost available. We achieve this through purpose-built technology, simplified maintenance requirements, low spare parts investment and remarkably low power consumption.

Here’s what makes TRU simulators truly exceptional:

  • High-fidelity professional simulation software based on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and vendor data.
  • Tailored solutions allowing you to choose between a fully incorporated aircraft panel and avionics, or a more extensively simulated equipment suite with a smaller footprint and reduced energy costs.
  • Ability to support multiple aircraft configurations in one device.
  • Simplified maintenance requirements.
  • Reliability exceeding industry standards.

Odyssey Aura
Fixed-Wing Full Flight Simulators

Download our Odyssey Aura brochure here.

Odyssey Horizon
Rotorcraft Full Flight Simulators

Download our Odyssey Horizon brochure here.

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