Year-Round Mastery Made Easy

Standard "once-per-year training" is a thing of the past. Current 365® is about making year-round proficiency easy for your schedule. This is a bundle option that delivers the entire TRU experience in one, convenient package. TRU believes today’s aviation safety requires constant currency, and Current 365 meets that demand.


  • FAA-approved online courseware
  • Two annual training events
  • Email-generated system quizzes
  • Access to flight training devices

Greater Flexibility

Select the courses and price packages that meet your needs best. 

  • Student-focused approach
  • Save time and money
  • Break outside the standard "once-per-year training" model

More Training Device Access

Now your opportunity to get the best training from state-of-the-art devices is virtually unlimited. 

  • Get unlimited access to the Integra fixed training device
  • Learn with tactile touch controls and flight control loading
  • Sharpen your skills and reinforce procedures

Online Ground School

Your ticket to spending more time training hands-on with devices, and less time in the classroom. 

  • Stay current from the comfort of your own home
  • FAA-approved Online Ground School courses

shorter overall trainingShorter Overall Training

Current 365 uses your time more efficiently so you can complete training sooner.

  • Shifts preparation away from conventional three-day classroom experience
  • Frees up more time for simulator training