Highly qualified instructors, access to OEM documentation, and advanced training technology—all from one training program. TRU Maintenance Training Academy can more directly from the experts who build the Baron and Bonanza. Trainees are instructed in our modern facilities which includes a 70-inch Smart Board screen and Surface Pro 3 standard in every classroom, allowing instructors to provide an interactive teaching environment. TRU instructors are uniquely experienced in ensuring your technicians leave with confidence in his or her abilities. Each TRU Simulation course is approved for Inspection Authorization Renewal Credit.

Offerings include Maintenance Initial, Maintenance Practical, Avionics Initial and Avionics Practical.

Course Length



Beech Baron Bonanza Series Maintenance Initial

35 hours 

Beech Baron Bonanza Series Maintenance Practical

35 hours 

Beech Baron Bonanza Series Avionics Initial

21 hours

Beech Baron Bonanza Series Avionics Practical

35 hours

ATA Chapters



ATA 5-20 Aircraft General

ATA 35 Oxygen

ATA 21 Air Conditioning

ATA 36 Pneumatics

ATA 22 Auto Flight*

ATA 37 Vacuum

ATA 23 Communications*

ATA 38 Water & Waste

ATA 24 Electrical Power*

ATA 39 Electrical Panels

ATA 25 Equipment & Furniture*

ATA 44 Cabin Systems*

ATA 27 Flight Controls

ATA 45 Central Maintenance*

ATA 28 Fuel Systems

ATA 51-57 Structures

ATA 30 Ice & Rain Protection

ATA 61 Propellers

ATA 32 Landing Gear

ATA 71-79 Powerplant

ATA 33 Lights

ATA 80 Starting

 ATA 34 Navigation*

ATA 81 Turbines


ATA 91 Charts

*Only courses needed for Beech Baron and Bonanza Avionics Initial course

Structural Inspection and Repair Manual



Welcome Presentation

18 min


30 min

Review of Basic Wing Structure

30 min

Intro. To SIRM Purpose of Configuration

1 hour

In Depth Review of SIRM Requirements

6 hours

Inspection of Wing Fittings

1 hour

Current Inspection Requirements 

 1 hour

New NDT Requirements 

 1 hour

Nacelle Splice Plate Inspection 

 30 min

Question and Answer Session 

 30 min